Starting a Home Internet Business, Do Not Fall at the First Hurdle

Starting a home internet business can be an exciting and rewarding experience but there are a few things to consider before taking this leap of faith. The lure of freedom, no commute, more time for the family and an extravagant income has lead more than one person into the slough of despond.

So what are some of the problems and what are the answers?

The first and most important to remember if you have previously been employed is that the company has dictated the discipline. You are now going to have to supply your own discipline.

Easier said than done. Home life works to a very different tune than your previous business life. Home is where you relax. Home is where you can have leisure time, however short with your family.

How then can we marry the two?

· The first thing is to designate a specific office space. When you went to your office your subconscious told you, this is where you do particular things. You need a space in your house where your subconscious brain switches on for work. Do not spread your work space all over the house, you will be seen to be intruding on others space and this can cause resentment. This is the last thing you need.

· Having set up your office space you must decide as to how many hours a day you are going to devote to your business and when. Again your subconscious brain likes routine. It does not matter what this routine is, it just accepts it. You will obviously have to work around other needs within the family, such as taking the children to school, instead of taking the train to work. You would be surprised how your time can be managed for you by the rest of the family. Be strong and except in an emergency stick to your schedule of work hours.

· Do not become a slave to your new business. Stick to your work hours. Make a daily plan of what you are going to do. Six items are usually enough and if you have not completed them, do them the next day. Form your mini goals and do not become distracted.

Working from home can be lonely how can I avoid this?

· Most of us need social support. This is provided to a great part in an office by co-workers, whether we like them or not. They are part of our social group so we need to grow another social group.

· Find other people who are in the same situation as yourself. Join a mentoring group for learning and to be an emotional support.

· As far as possible keep up your outside hobbies and be open about what you are doing. Not everyone will understand but many will and you will find that your social group will grow with like minded people.

· Do not completely give up your old work comrades, unless you cannot stand them. It is like your family. You may move away and develop different interests, but you still keep in touch.

Starting a new home business can be a very rewarding and challenging experience. Most of the problems associated with it are surmountable. With a little understanding, self discipline and determination we can all succeed.